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True Strength Index Indikator - liefert starke Signale und Trendstärken Der True Strength Index Indikator (TSI) wurde von William Blau entwickelt und fußt auf einer doppelten Glättung des Momentums. Als Vorbild diente der von Welles Wilder entwickelte Relative Strength Index Indikator (RSI) The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a popular oscillator. It was first introduced by Welles Wilder in an article in Commodities (now known as Futures) Magazine in June, 1978. Step-by-step instructions on calculating and interpreting the RSI are also provided in Mr. Wilder's book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems folder in your hard drive where data for the dollar index are located. SEC2: Security(C: Metastock Data METAS DXY0,C); D1: Input(MA PERIOD BASE SECURITY,5,200,30); D2: Input(MA PERIOD INTERMARKET SECURITY,5,200,30); D3: Input( FOR VE CORRELATION 1, FOR -VE -1,-1,1,-1); DIS1: ((C - Mov(C,D1,S)) / Mov(C,D1,S)) 100 Here is a small example. SXXP:= Security(C:\\Alberto\\Metastock\\Index\\SXXP,CLOSE); I indicate the path that contains the security to compare RS:= CLOSE/SXXP; RS = HHV(RS,13) AND RS > 1.2 Rule1. I wanted today's trading range to be above average. So this formula demands that the range (calculated from the high minus the low) is at least one and a half times the average true range. H-L > ATR(14)*1.5. Rule 2. I wanted the close to be in the upper 25% of that range. (H-C)/(H-L)<0.25. Rule 3. I also wanted the open to be within the upper 25% of the daily range

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  1. The result is a smoother line that introduces less lag than a single EMA with a longer period length. The formula for the TSI is: TSI (close,r,s) = 100xEMA (EMA (mtm,r),s)/EMA (EMA (|mtm|,r),s.
  2. The true strength index (TSI) is a momentum oscillator used to provide trade signals based on overbought/oversold levels, crossovers, and divergence
  3. % tsi - True Strength Index % tsi = indicators(cl ,'tsi' ,fast,slow) case 'tsi' % True Strength Index % Input Data close = vin(:,1); % Variable Argument Input if isempty(varargin) fast = 3; slow = 14; else fast = varargin{1}; slow = varargin{2}; en
  4. True Strength Index TRSI von Blau Erklärung - Technische Analyse. Der von William Blau entwickelte True Strength Index (TRSI) basiert auf einer doppelten Glättung des Momentums.

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The concept of true range and calculation of ATR (Average True Range) is confusing for many people, as you are actually comparing three values instead of applying one exact formula. This page is a detailed guide to calculation of true range. I've tried to attach a few simple chart examples to better illustrate the point Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), Metastock, eSignal (EFS), and NinjaTrader. WiseStockTrader.com Trading Program Listings. Indicators . Submit New Indicator. All Amibroker (AFL) Metastock eSignal (EFS) NinjaTrader. Function Index. Paste Bin. Register. Login. Stock Portfolio Organizer. The ultimate porfolio management solution. True Strength Index (TSI) indicator is a momentum indicator. The TSI is plotted by using a momentum calculation that reacts faster and is more responsive to price changes, making it a leading indicator that follows price action direction closely in the foreign exchange trading market. The True Strength Index (TSI) indicator is plotted as a blue line, the indicator also plots a signal line. The MetaStock formula language is easy to learn and allows you to create just about any system you can think of. Not into programming? Tell us what you want and we'll do it for a nominal fee. Find out more about custom formula requests. Stop Indicators. The best trading systems will fall short without a good exit strategy. MetaStock stop indicators help your system know when it's time to get.

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In financial technical analysis, the know sure thing (KST) oscillator is a complex, smoothed price velocity indicator developed by Martin J. Pring.. A rate of change (ROC) indicator is the foundation of KST indicator. KST indicator is useful to identify major stock market cycle junctures because its formula is weighed to be more greatly influenced by the longer and more dominant time spans, in. Multiply by 100 to move the decimal point two places. This +DI14 is the green Plus Directional Indicator line (+DI) that is plotted along with the ADX line. Divide the 14-day smoothed Minus Directional Movement (-DM) by the 14-day smoothed True Range to find the 14-day Minus Directional Indicator (-DI14) The True Strength Index (TSI) is an extremely responsive momentum indicator with very little lag time in its representation of price movement momentum. The indicator is designed so that when it is rising above zero, price is also rising. Also, when the indicator is falling below zero, price is also falling. Perhaps this sounds too good to be true, but it is true! The challenge with using the. True Strength Index (TSI) indicator is a momentum indicator. The TSI is plotted by using a momentum calculation that reacts faster and is more responsive to price changes, making it a leading indicator that follows price action direction closely in the foreign exchange trading market. The True Strength Index (TSI) indicator is plotted as a blue line, the indicator also plots a signal line. MetaStock indicator formula can help you find all the stocks where the 3 day moving average has just crossed above the 10 day moving average

The MetaStock Relative Performance indicator does a good job, but it's a graphically/plotting indcator only; not a formula that can be referenced in an Exploration. Question: does anyone have a formula that replicates the MS Relative Performance plot ? (simply dividing the security by the index does not do it. I need something to normalize. Search our extensive database of FREE MetaStock Formulas. Within these pages you will find a list of some of the most useful MetaStock formula available. It includes formula collected from MetaStock, numerous MetaStock forums, and a collection of trading magazines. It is our belief that that all formula are in the public domain. Where known, the author is noted and an email contact provided.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) - not Wilder's Smoothed: RSIx.y.z: x=Period, y=SMA, z=Offset: Secant: SEC(w) w=Numeric: Hyperbolic Secant : SECH(w) w=Numeric: Sign (-1, 0 or 1) - Returns -1 if w is negative, 0 if w is zero and 1 if w is positive. SGN(w) w=Numeric: Sine: SIN(w) w=Numeric: returns -1 if Boolean Formula was not true in period, or bars since it was true, 0 being the current bar, and. MetaStock 全中文教學編第一至九章 目錄. 整本書的編排,將會帶領讀者由淺入深地了解及運用 MetaStock,而由於 MetaStock 本身的功能及工具非常多,所以作者只會集中講解,當中一些主要實用的功能及工具,於函式編寫章節內,還會附加一些經常有客戶使用、詢問及. The True Strength Indicators was first introduced in Stocks & Commodities Magazine by its author William Blau. It measures momentum with a double exponential (default) of the prices. It shows divergence if the extremes keep on growign but closing prices do not in the same manner (distance to the extremes grow) Formula True Strength Index (TSI) True Strength is a variation of the Relative Strength indicator. It uses a double smoothed exponential moving average of price momentum to eliminate choppy price changes and spot trend changes. This indicator has little or no time lag. An increasing True Strength value indicates increasing momentum in the direction of.

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  1. Developed by J. Welles Wilder, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. RSI oscillates between zero and 100. According to Wilder, RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30. Signals can also be generated by looking for divergences, failure swings and centerline crossovers. RSI can also be used.
  2. Tips. A stock's relative strength can be used to find its place in the relative strength index, or RSI. RSI is an indication of a stock's momentum in the market. To calculate RSI, add 1 to a stock's relative strength rating. Divide this figure from 100 (i.e.: 100/x). Subtract the total from 100 to find the stock's relative strength index rating
  3. Plot1 - Plots the TSI (True Strength Index) Value Plot2 - Plots a 5 bar average of the TSI Value Plot3 - Is a 0 (zero) reference line. This indicator is offered as shareware. AT-TSI.ELD (2.90k) Select Open When Prompted to Automatically Import The True Strength Index, Active Trader Magazine, January 2002 . Attachment: n/a: 258 Posts: Posted - 12/19/2002 15:14:15 : I'm going to test this.
  4. ATR Trailing Stops Formula. Trailing stops are normally calculated relative to closing price: Calculate Average True Range (ATR) Multiply ATR by your selected multiple — in our case 3 x ATR. In an up-trend, subtract 3 x ATR from Closing Price and plot the result as the stop for the following day. If price closes below the ATR stop, add 3 x.
  5. The Stochastic RSI, or StochRSI, is a technical analysis indicator created by applying the Stochastic oscillator formula to a set of relative strength index (RSI) values. Its primary function is.
  6. Relative Strength is plotted using the ratio of closing price to that of another stock or index, on the date specified or the default date, whichever is the later. The default date is taken as the earliest possible date (i.e. the commencement date of the shorter of the two data histories). For example, if we plot the price ratio of Microsoft against the S&P 500 the default date will be 01-Jun.

The True Strength Index (True Strength Index, TSI) - is an indicator of the normalized Momentum (normalized q-period Momentum). Bringing the values of the smoothed Momentum to a single scale (mapping to the interval [-1, +1]) is provided with the normalization of each value of the smoothed Momentum (the cumulative sum of the smoothed q-period price fluctuations) by the value of the smoothed. In technical analysis of securities trading, the stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator that uses support and resistance levels. George Lane developed this indicator in the late 1950s. The term stochastic refers to the point of a current price in relation to its price range over a period of time. This method attempts to predict price turning points by comparing the closing price of a. The average directional index, or ADX, is the primary technical indicator among the five indicators that make up a technical trading system developed by J. Welles Wilder, Jr. and is calculated. FX Currency strength indicator is a visual guide that demonstrates which currencies are currently strong, and which ones are weak. FX Currency strength indicators include multiple calculation to choose from 1. Relative Strength Index (RSI) 2. True Strength Index (TSI) 3. Absolute Strength Index (ASI) 4. Linear Regression Slope (LRS) 5. Rate of.

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  1. To obtain the true stress-true strain curve beyond the maximum load, accurate optical measurement systems are required to get actual records of the cross-sectional area during the tension tests; a study to obtain the true stress-strain relation until failure for mild steel specimens under quasistatic tension loads can be found in Ehlers and Varsta (2009). In practice, however, such.
  2. ) Formula Writing II . Premium Subscribe Now! In this second video on formula writing, we'll pick up where we left off after the first video.
  3. The strain hardening exponent (also called the strain hardening index), usually denoted , a constant often used in calculations relating to stress-strain behavior in work hardening.It occurs in the formula known as Hollomon's equation (after John Herbert Hollomon Jr.) who originally posited it as = where represents the applied true stress on the material, is the true strain, and is the.
  4. Keltner channel is a technical analysis indicator showing a central moving average line plus channel lines at a distance above and below. The indicator is named after Chester W. Keltner (1909-1998) who described it in his 1960 book How To Make Money in Commodities.This name was applied by those who heard about it from him, but Keltner called it the ten-day moving average trading rule and.

Before you invest in growth stocks, use IBD's relative strength line to confirm a stock's real power as it breaks out of any base Introducing the Caretakers Reverse True Strength Index. According to Wikipedia. The True Strength Index (TSI) is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets that attempts to show both trend direction and overbought/oversold conditions. It was first published William Blau in 1991. The indicator uses moving averages of.

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Average True Range is typically a 14 day exponential moving average* of True Range. *Welles Wilder's Indicators. Users should beware, when setting time periods for Welles Wilder's indicators, that he does not use the standard exponential moving average formula. Se For calculating Average True Range you need the history of high, low and close for each day or bar. If you have your data in OHLC format, paste it into a new Excel spreadsheet into columns A (date/time), B (open - not really needed), C (high), D (low), E (close). Put the column labels in row 3 and the actual data below, starting from row 4 The Trend Detection Index (TDI) was introduced by M. H. Pee. TDI is used to detect when a trend has begun and when it has come to an end. The TDI can be used as a stand-alone indicator or combined with others; it will perform well in detecting the beginning of trends. TDI should be used in conjunction with protective stops as well as trailing stops A number of popular indicators, including Relative Strength Index (RSI), Average True Range (ATR) and Directional Movement were developed by J. Welles Wilder and introduced in his 1978 book: New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems. Users should beware that Wilder does not use the standard exponential moving average formula. This can have significant impact when selecting suitable time. MetaStock Daily Charts is specifically designed for traders who do end of day trading technical analysis after the markets close (If you are interested in real-time trading, check out MetaStock RT. Whether you're an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, MetaStock helps you succeed. It contains powerful analysis tools so you can make informed decisions about what.

FUNCTION: Gives a 1 or true on the day that ARRAY1 crosses above ARRAY2. Otherwise the result is 0. To Relative Momentum Index (RMI) Relative Strength Index; Relative Vigour Index; Reverse MFI Crossover; RI - Auto Trading System; RUTVOL timing signal with BB Scoring routine; Sainath Sidgiddi ; Scale Out: Futures; Sine Wave Indicator; Stan Weinstein strategy; STO & MACD Buy Signals with. The IF function is used to run a logical test, and react differently depending on whether the result is TRUE or FALSE. The first argument, logical_test, is an expression that returns either TRUE or FALSE.Both value_if_true and value_if_false are optional, but at least one of them must be provided. The result from IF can be a value, a cell reference, or even another formula The Relative Strength Index helps you decide if a stock is overbought or oversold. Learn about it, and get an Excel spreadsheet that calculates RSI of a stock based on its ticker symbol. The momentum of the stock market is rather like a ball that's thrown upwards. Once the ball is thrown, it keeps on going until it reaches its apex, and then it starts falling. The principles that physicists. Average Direction Index also known as ADX is a non-directional trend strength indicator. Its values oscillate between 0 to 100, higher the value higher is the strength of trend. The default look-back period off ADX to calculate trend strength is 14 periods, but various other periods are used depending on the relative volatility of stock or index. It is often used in conjunction with two other.

You can use the ISFORMULA function to test a cell to see if it contains a formula. ISFORMULA returns TRUE when a cell contains a formula and FALSE if not. Remember that you can temporarily display all formulas in a worksheet with a keyboard shortcut. To extract and display a formula, use the FORMULATEXT function Magic Formula is a term used to describe the investment strategy explained in The Little Book That Beats the Market. There is nothing magical about the formula, and the use of the formula does not guarantee performance or investment success. MagicFormulaInvesting.com is owned by an entity controlled in part by Joel Greenblatt Object that is coercible to xts or matrix and contains High-Low-Close prices. Number of periods to use for DX calculation (not ADX calculation). A function or a string naming the function to be called. . Other arguments to be passed to the maType function If you want to master good rules on when to sell stocks, consider the use of the relative strength line. SolarWinds showed weakness in its RS line in 2013 Das Ergebnis der Division ist in Abb.2 zusehen, der True - Strength - Index. Der Indikator bewegt sich in einer Spanne zwischen eins und minus eins. Durch Multiplikation mit 100 wird erreicht, dass sich die Bandbreite auf -100 bis 100 vergrößert. Mit den Parameterangaben können Sie natürlich frei experimentieren. Längere Einstellungen erzeugen einen eher trendfolgenden Charakter.

True Strength Index - Interpretation True Strength Index - Interpretation. Für den TSI ergeben sich die gleichen Interpretationsmöglichkeiten wie für den RSI. Zum einen zeigt der TSI mit einem Schnitt durch die Mittellinie ein Handlungssignal an. Ein Schnitt von unten nach oben deutet auf einen Aufwärtstrend hin, für einen abwärtsgerichteten Schnitt auf fallende Kurse True Strength Index. The True Strength Index (TSI) is a momentum-based indicator developed by William Blau. The TSI is suitable for intraday time frames as well as long term trading and helps to define trend and oversold/overbought conditions. The formula for TSI is: TSI = ExpMovAvg(ExpMovAvg(NetChange, Long),Short) / ExpMovAvg(ExpMovAvg(AbsNetChange(n), Long),Short) Long = Long Period. Short.

Die Formel für den Stress-Index: Die Formel ist einfach, wenn man mal verstanden hat, welche Werte in die Berechnung einfließen. Bei den einzelnen Formelbestandteilen handelt es sich um verschiedene Parameter, die alle etwas mit den RR-Intervallen zu tun haben: Der Modalwert (Mo) steht für die häufigste gemessene Dauer eines RR-Intervalls. Die Amplitude des Modelwerts (AMo) beschreibt den. The average true range (ATR) is an exponential n-day average , and can be approximated by this equation. where n is the window of the moving average (usually 14 days) and TR is the true range. ATR is usually initialized (at t = 0) with a n-day trailing average of TR. Average true range does not indicate the direction of the market, but simply. A volatility formula based only on the high-low range would fail to capture volatility from gap or limit moves. Wilder created Average True Range to capture this missing volatility. It is important to remember that ATR does not provide an indication of price direction, just volatility. Wilder features ATR in his 1978 book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems. This book also. By tweaking the strength of these relations, a formula is born. Once they have a formula, the researchers can then be test it on the same group of people or, in the case of one study 6, another group, to check how accurate the formula is. One interesting variable for 1RM prediction is the speed of the bar. Mark Rippetoe says in his book Starting Strength to use your eyes to gauge when the bar. To obtain the true stress-true strain curve beyond the maximum load, accurate optical measurement systems are required to get actual records of the cross-sectional area during the tension tests; a study to obtain the true stress-strain relation until failure for mild steel specimens under quasistatic tension loads can be found in Ehlers and Varsta (2009). In practice, however, such.

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  1. ute or two (depending on your computer's speed!) generate a list of all stocks meeting this particular criteria
  2. Muscular strength and physical function Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2000 Feb;32(2):412-6. doi: 10.1097/00005768-200002000-00023. A strength index composite score (0-6) was calculated using age- and sex-specific tertiles from bench press, leg press, and sit-up tests. Those scoring 5 or 6 were categorized in the high strength group. Functional health status was assessed by responses to questions.
  3. The Cauchy stress is also called the true stress, to distinguish it from other stress tensors, some of which will be discussed below. It of τ simplifies formulae. Note that the Kirchhoff stress is the push forward of the PK2 stress; from 2.12.9b, 2.12.11b, ( ) 1()# 1 T * # T * = − = − − = = S τ F τF τ S FSF χ χ (3.5.13) The Corotational Cauchy Stress The corotational stress.

What We Do. Premium Data provides end-of-day data update services, and historical daily data, for selected exchanges and markets across Stocks, Futures and Forex. There is an easy-to-use Windows-based updating application for each of these security types. The data is held in the MetaStock data format and can be accessed by any charting or analysis program that reads this format Relative Rotation Graphs are based on this Comparative Relative Strength concept. The formula to calculate Relative Strength is simple: RS = Price of security A / Price of security B. The outcome of this formula is a (RS) line that usually is plotted in combination with the price chart of security A. Relative Strength example for Consumer Staples sector. S&P Consumer Staples vs S&P 500 Index. Er hat nicht nur das Directional - Movement - Konzept, die True - Range oder den Volatility - Index entwickelt. Auch der Parabolic - Stop and Reverse stammt von ihm. In dieser Aufzählung fehlt: der Relative - Strength - Index (RSI). Der RSI ist in allen Softwareprodukten für die technische Analyse enthalten und jedes noch so simple Charting - Tool im Internet bietet den RSI als.

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Il Relative Strength Index (RSI), o indice di forza relativa, è uno fra gli oscillatori più popolari dell'analisi tecnica e comunemente usati dai traders, in particolar modo da quelli che operano sui mercati dei futures.Fu ideato da John Welles Wilder, che lo pubblicò nel suo libro New Concepts in Technical Trading System nel 1978.. Si tratta di un indicatore di momentum, che riesce però. Black Desert - die Wahl von 20 Mio. Spielern weltweit - Ein Open-World-MMO voller spannender Kämpfe und Abenteuer The INDEX function returns a value or the reference to a value from within a particular selection. For example, it could be used to find the value in the second row of a data set, or in the fifth row and third column. While INDEX could very well be used alone, nesting MATCH in the formula makes it a bit more useful. The MATCH function searches for a specified item in a range of cells and then.

Knovel includes technical references, material property data, and more across many different disciplines. This data is presented so it can be brought in to an engineer's workflow. Technical References. The world's top engineering references across multiple disciplines. Powerful, Sortable Tables A large collection of useful Excel formulas, beginner to advanced, with detailed explanations. VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, RANK, SUMPRODUCT, AVERAGE, SMALL, LARGE, LOOKUP.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), developed by J. Welles Wilder, is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. The RSI oscillates between zero and 100. Traditionally the RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30. Signals can be generated by looking for divergences and failure swings. RSI can also be used to identify the general trend True Strain Calculation Formula The True Strain measures the change in length to the original length at the various instants when an external force is applied to the test specimen. In other words, True strain is calculated by measuring the change in length at various time stamps and sum over them along the full length In true color, here's how it looks for red, green, the inverse z score of NDVI is necessary, and that is called the Fuel Moisture Stress Index (FMSI, Yool, 2009). This takes into account observed NDVI values across a mean observation. The longer the timespan of observed values, the more accurate model of vegetation robustness will be produced. Bridget says: July 23, 2019 at 7:51 am. Hi. Alles im Shop der Deutschen Post: Briefmarken, DHL Paketmarken, Büroartikel, Nachsendeservice und Lagerservice. Schnell geliefert oder sofort ausdrucken

Deutschlands beliebtestes Reise- und Mobilitätsportal: Auskunft, Bahnfahrkarten, Online-Tickets, Länder-Tickets, günstige Angebote rund um Urlaub und Reisen Along with your age, the rating of your body mass index is markedly changing. For a detailed overview, use your coloured health risk chart. Calculate your BMI. Questionnaire. This calculator computes the body mass index and rates it appropriately for men, women, children, juveniles and seniors. The SBMI - an index that has been developed four years ago especially for this calculator. The IF function is one of the most popular functions in Excel, and it allows you to make logical comparisons between a value and what you expect. So an IF statement can have two results. The first result is if your comparison is True, the second if your comparison is False. For example, =IF (C2=Yes,1,2) says IF (C2 = Yes, then return a 1. If your logical test contains the AND function, Microsoft Excel returns TRUE if all the conditions are met; otherwise it returns FALSE. OR function. In case you use the OR function in the logical test, Excel returns TRUE if any of the conditions is met; FALSE otherwise. To better illustrate the point, let's have a look at a few IF examples with multiple conditions. Example 1. Using IF & AND. If TRUE, the LINEST function returns an array with additional regression statistics. If FALSE or omitted, LINEST only returns the intercept constant and slope coefficient(s). Note. Since LINEST returns an array of values, it must be entered as an array formula by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Enter shortcut. If it is entered as a regular formula, only the first slope coefficient is returned.

Here's what you'll find at Flipping Fifty. Only 39% of all exercise and sports medicine research features women. A fraction of that features women in peri-menopause, menopause, and beyond. That's ALL I use at Flipping 50. It's ALL about YOU here To clean tough stains, you just have to use water, soap, and your microfibre cloths. Squeeze it and make sure there's no water dripping out. Then, take the corner of the microfibre cloth and start cleaning from the side. Avoid cleaning in a circular motion or pressing too hard on the screen LookUp(Table*, Formula [, ReductionFormula] ). Table - Required. Table to search. In the UI, the syntax is shown as source above the function box.; Formula - Required. The formula by which each record of the table is evaluated. The function returns the first record that results in true.You can reference columns within the table

Third parameter separator (true by default) controls if thousand separator is added or not. Thousands separator is definable in Tools->Preferences->Misc. Fourth parameter roundAndPad controls whenever function rounds output beyond 7th significant digit (and pads the rest with zeros), By default rounding is OFF now because it was off in 5.90 and earlier and rounding introduced in 5.91 could. Mansfield Relative Strength is below the zero line 2. Price is below the Simple Moving Average (30) 3. Simple Moving Average (30) is falling It is recommended to end the trade when the trend changes. Default index is S&P 500, but you can change the index in the settings if you want. Please always remember, there is no holy grail indicator The IF function can return a variant data type if value_if_true and value_if_false are of different data types, but the function attempts to return a single data type if both value_if_true and value_if_false are of numeric data types. In the latter case, the IF function will implicitly convert data types to accommodate both values. For example, the formula IF(<condition>, TRUE(), 0) returns.

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  1. TrueCar Inc. (NASDAQ:TRUE) Relative Strength Index (RSI) ist 50.22, mit wöchentlicher Volatilität um 3.22% und ATR bei 0. 22 . Die Preisspanne der TRUE-Aktie 51 hat den Tiefststand von 2 USD erreicht. 51 und $6.46 hoch. Die gehandelten Intraday-Aktien zählten 0.73 Millionen, was 21.60% höher als seine 39-Tagesdurchschnittliches Handelsvolumen von 942.22K. Seine Aktien wurden während der.
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