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You can select and delete all text in the nano editor. You first need to open a text file with this editor via the terminal. You can replace Testing with the name of your particular text file. Running this command will open your specific text file with the nano editor. In this article, how to select and delete all Text in Nano is explained You can't select with mouse and delete text using nano editor. For faster delete you can use Ctrl + K to delete(cut) the present line of text. Note : Ctrl + K will cut the line of text Re: Select and delete all text in Nano To select text in nano, move the cursor to the start of the text you want to select, press the Alt-A key combination to mark the start, then move the cursor to the end of the section you want to select ^D delete character currently under the cursor ^K delete line in nano, nano remove line Also for remove or clear or delete some content or multiple lines you can select lines with your mouse and then use CTRL+K Delete text or lines in Nano. There is no dedicated option for deletion in Nano. You may use the Backspace or Delete key to delete one character at a time. Press them repeatedly or hold them to delete multiple characters. You can also use the Ctrl+K keys that cuts the entire line. If you don't paste it anywhere, it's as good as deleting a line

or open nano with -F flag: nano -F. or put set multibuffer into your ~/.nanorc file. Then you can open files in new buffer with Ctrlr. switch between buffers with Meta, to left and Meta. to right; go to the beginning of the file Meta\ and then you have two options: a. mark the text by CtrlShift6, then take the cursor to the end Meta/, then cut the text Ctrl At the shell prompt, type nano followed by the name of the file to edit. Move the cursor to the first line of the text you want to cut. Press to mark the beginning of the text you want to cut. (Note that is really —it might work without Shift, but it might not, depending on your terminal program Delete character before cursor : Ctrl+D: Delete character under cursor: Alt+Bsp: Delete word to the left: Ctrl+Del : Delete word to the right: Alt+Del: Delete current line: Operations. Ctrl+T : Execute some command: Ctrl+J: Justify paragraph or region: Alt+J: Justify entire buffer: Alt+B: Run a syntax check: Alt+F: Run a formatter/fixer/arranger: Alt+: Start/stop recording of macro: Alt+. Nano is a very compact and feature packed text editor commonly found on Linux and Unix based OS. One of the lesser used feature that is very useful is search & replace. To Search and Replace text in the currently open file: Search & Replace in nano text editor. Press Ctrl + \ Enter your search string [return] Enter your replacement string [return].

Copy/Paste/Cut Text in Nano. Nano's interface is very similar to a GUI text editors. If you wish to copy or cut a text in GUI editor, you will first have to select it. Same thing goes in nano. To mark a text press Ctrl + ^ then move the cursors with the arrow keys. To copy the marked text press Alt + ^. To cut the marked text press ^K (Ctrl +K) Display the help text *** ^X. F2. Close the current file buffer / Exit from nano *** ^O. F3. Write the current file to disk ^J. F4. Justify the current paragraph ^R. F5. Insert another file into the current one *** ^W. F6. Search for a string or a regular expression *** ^Y. F7. Move to the previous screen *** ^V. F8. Move to the next screen *** ^K. F As of version 1.1.99pre1 of nano, text entered as search or replace strings will be stored and can be accessed with the up/down arrow keys. Previously, nano offered a more consistent, but incompatible with Pico, method for entering search and replace strings. In the old method, previous entries would be displayed by default as editable text in front of the cursor, as opposed to being bracketed and uneditable as it is in Pico. The old behavior could be made compatible with Pico via th Copying and Pasting Text in nano. In this section, we will be showing you how to copy text within nano. Text that is copied within the editor will be stored within a special buffer called the cutbuffer. To copy the currently selected line, press ALT + 6. It is also possible to copy a selection of text, use CTRL + 6 to mark the start of. If you want to remove an entire line of text, simply hit Ctrl+K without highlighting anything. This sometimes comes in handy when editing configuration files. Some Extra Shortcuts. You know how in notepad, you can force long lines of text to wrap-around into what look like paragraphs? You can toggle that feature in nano with the Meta+L shortcut. Since line wrapping is set to on by default, this usually comes in handy in the opposite way; for example, you're writing a.

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  1. Then position your cursor after the text and use CTRL+K or ALT+6 to cut or copy. CTRL+U to paste. Searching and Replacing Text. To search for text use CTRL+W. Enter the text you need to find and press Enter. To repeat the search use ALT+W. To perform a search and replace use ALT+R. You can't open files once nano is running. Although you can insert a file into the current buffer you can not open a file directly once you are in nano. You need to launch it from the command line. I.
  2. As is normal in most text editors, text that you type into nano is inserted at the current cursor position. The Delete and Backspace keys also work the same as in other editors. Use the Alt-6 key combination to copy text to the cut buffer. Similarly, use the Ctrl-K key combination to delete text (it is cut to the cut buffer). If no text is marked, these two commands copy or cut the entire line of text
  3. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to edit files with nano. • Delete lines: To delete a line, move to beginning of line, then press Ctrl-k (hold down the CTRL key, and press the K key). The K is for Kut. • Cutting and Pasting: First, move to the beginning of the text you want to cut and press Ctrl-6. Then move to end of the text you want and press.
  4. This will set a selection mark. Move the cursor to the end of the text you want to select using the arrow keys. The selected text will be highlighted. If you want to cancel the selection press Ctrl+6. Copy the selected text to the clipboard using the Alt+6 command. Ctrl+k will cut the selected text. If you want to cut whole lines, simply move the cursor to the line and press Ctrl+k. You can.
  5. To cut the marked text in Nano editor and save it to Cutbuffer, use the following shortcut: Ctrl+K If you need to cut the entire line of text starting from the current cursor position, just press Ctrl+K without marking the text

Cut and paste functions: To cut and paste text lines with Nano, first place the cursor on the text line you wish to cut and press Ctrl-k to remove it. To cut and paste two or more consecutive text lines, press Ctrl-k until all the text lines are removed Go to the starting line and type m a (mark a). Then go to the last line and enter d ' a (delete to mark a). That will delete all lines from the current to the marked one (inclusive). It's also compatible with vi as well as vim, on the off chance that your environment is not blessed with the latter. Share

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Alt-A or Option-A or EscA to unselect - you'll see [ Mark Unset ] If you think 4 spaces are beautiful and tabs are evil: nano ~/.nanorc or sudo nano ~root/.nanorc or sudo nano /etc/.nanorc; set tabsize 4 set tabstospaces Of course you have to close and reopen nano for these settings to take effect Conducted by Nanos for the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, May 2020 Submission 2020-1645 INSERT ISTOCK IMAGE HERE -DELETE THIS BOX ADD ALT-TEXT TO IMAGE AND REMOVE FROM CLIENT LOGO. RCH SUMMARY Although many Canadians report the same alcohol consumption, one in five Canadians who stay at home more report that their alcohol consumption has increased both in quantity and in. Source: Nanos Research, RDD dual frame hybrid telephone and online random survey, April 25th 6 to 27th, 2020, n=1013, accurate 3.1 percentage points plus or minus, 19 times out of 20. Concerns about the personal impact Covid-19 will have on Canadian Now move your cursor to the end of the text you want to cut: the marked text gets highlighted. If you need to cancel your text marking, simply hit Ctrl + 6 again. Press Ctrl + K to cut the marked text. Use Ctrl + U to paste it. Searching for text. Searching for a string is easy as long as you think WhereIs instead of Search. Simply hit Ctrl + W, type in your search string, and press Enter. nano-editor. linux. mac. wiki. tastenkürzel. gefragt 2015-03-25 15:44:42 -0500 LeonardoDaVinci 9738 52 101 196. Wie kann man im Nano Editor eine Zeile löschen? bearbeiten Tag verändern Als beleidigend melden schließen merge löschen. Kommentar hinzufügen. 1 answer Sortiere nach » Älteste Neueste Am häufigsten bewertet. 0. geantwortet 2015-03-25 15:44:57 -0500 LeonardoDaVinci 9738 52.

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I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to delete all of your index markers in a document that uses any version of Microsoft Word After selecting text, you can start typing immediately to replace the text - you don't have to press Delete first. Image Credit: James_jhs on Flickr. Editing. You can really speed up text-editing by using the Ctrl keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert - Copy selected text. Ctrl+X, Shift+Delete - Cut selected text Vim is a great tool for editing text or configuration files in Linux. One of the lesser-known Vim tricks is clearing or deleting all text or lines in a file. Although, this is not a frequently used operation, its a good practice to know or learn it. In this article, we will describe steps on how to delete, remove or clear all text in a file using a Vim editor in different vim modes

This article explains how to delete a text message from the Messages app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 12 and later. We'll demonstrate how to delete a single message or an entire conversation. There's no way to recover deleted texts, so make sure it's what you want to do Edit PDF with our free Online-PDF-Editor. Add annotations, text, images, shapes etc. to your PDF. Rotate all or one page (s) in your PDF. Extract selected pages from your PDF. Upload different PDFs to combine to one PDF file. Remove different security restrictions from your PDF

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Deleting an in-text citation. Sometimes you want to remove an existing citation e.g. the wrong citation was accidentally inserted, or it was incorrectly placed. Do not simply select and delete the citation - EndNote inserts hidden formatting characters, and you may not delete all of them cleanly, resulting in corruption of the document delete from current cursor position to position of mark a: c'a: change text from current line to line of mark a: y`a: yank text to unnamed buffer from cursor to position of mark a:marks: list all the current marks :marks aB : list marks a, B: Commands like d'a operate linewise and include the start and end lines. Commands like d`a operate characterwise and include the start but not the end. Use the Remove Hidden Information feature to find and remove content from a document that you don't want, such as hidden text, metadata, comments, and attachments. When you remove items, additional items are automatically removed from the document. Items that are removed include digital signatures, document information added by third-party plug-ins and applications, and special features that. Acrobat offers two basic methods to add text edit annotations: pre-select and post-select. Pre-select or Text Correction Markup tool. Use the Select tool , or the Text Correction Markup tool and then right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) on the selected text to open a menu of text editing options.After marking the text, you can also click on a text edit tool

I've never seen that option before and I thought it was the delete button. So now I don't receive texts from those people any more and I don't have a backup for my phone. More Less. Nov 7, 2017 9:27 AM View answer in context. Question marked as ★ Helpful User profile for user: menespandi menespandi User level: Level 1 (9 points) Aug 19, 2017 3:12 PM in response to tsgoose In response. Edit the Original Text: Delete/Replace the original text with the New SingleLine Text. Edit the Original Image: Delete/Replace the Write, draw, mark or highlight PDF documents on PC with mouse or on Tablet PC using the pen input. PDF Form Filler Fill-in and save interactive PDF forms to your computer for easy archiving, E-mailing or later printing. Allows you to Fill, Edit or Delete PDF. The syntax is as follows for the rm and unlink command to remove files on Debian Linux: Open the Debian terminal application (bash shell) Type any one of the following command to delete a file named joey.db in the current directory. rm joey.db. OR. unlink joey.db. Let use see all the rm command options to delete and remove files on Debian Linux Marks and positions:marks - list of marks ma - set current position for mark A `a - jump to position of mark A y`a - yank text to position of mark A `0 - go to the position where Vim was previously exited ` - go to the position when last editing this fil The <mark> tag defines text that should be marked or highlighted. Browser Support. The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the element. Element <mark> 6.0: 9.0: 4.0: 5.0: 11.1: Global Attributes. The <mark> tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML. Event Attributes . The <mark> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML. Related Pages. HTML.

Mark all as read: Tap More Mark all as read. Delete: To delete the selected conversations from Messages, tap Delete . If you use Messages as your default messaging app, deleted conversations will also be deleted from your device ; Manage conversations. Manage messages in a conversation. Open the Messages app . Touch and hold a message within a conversation. Choose an option: Share on social. Convert rich text documents to other formats. With TextEdit, you can open and edit rich text documents created in other word processing apps, including Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. You can also save your documents in a different format, so they're compatible with other apps. How to open, edit, and convert documents It will remove all files and subdirectories from a directory. So be careful. Always keep backups of all important data on Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu Linux delete file begins with a dash or hyphen . If the name of a file or directory or folder starts with a dash (-or hyphen --), use the following syntax: vivek@nixcraft:~$ rm -- -fileNameHere vivek@nixcraft:~$ rm -- --fileNameHere vivek@nixcraft:~$ rm.

This free text manipulation tool is useful for webmasters to remove repeating keywords and phrases from meta tag strings, text and to reorder a sequence of words in an alphabetic or reverse alphabetic order.. To use this tool, copy and paste your keywords text string with repeating words or duplicate keywords to be reordered into the upper text input window To highlight text using your mouse, position your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to highlight. Press and hold your primary mouse button (commonly the left button). While holding the mouse button, drag the cursor to the end of the text and let go of the mouse button. Once completed, all text from the beginning to the end should be highlighted. Below is an example of how text can.

Select text in your code and mark all matches. The highlight colour is configurable. Installation. Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the following command, and press enter. Copy . Copied to clipboard. More Info. Overview Version History Q & A Rating & Review. Text Marker (Highlighter) Features. Highlight/Unhighlight text from both command palette or right-click menu; Update existing. Text Deletion Commands. x Delete character. dw Delete word from cursor on. db Delete word backward. dd Delete line. d$ Delete to end of line. d^ (d caret, not CTRL d) Delete to beginning of line. Yank (has most of the options of delete)-- VI's copy commmand. yy yank current line. y$ yank to end of current line from cursor . yw yank from cursor to end of current word. 5yy yank, for example, 5. Nano ist ein einfacher Editor. Er ermöglicht die Bearbeitung von Dateien in einem Terminal bzw. auf der Konsole, auch ohne grafische Umgebung. Nano hat einen geringeren Funktionsumfang als z.B. VIM oder Emacs, ist dafür aber deutlich einfacher und intuitiver zu bedienen.Daher eignet sich Nano besonders für kleinere, schnelle Bearbeitungen oder für das Schreiben von kurzen Skripten World's best SVG compressor that minifies SVG up to 80% on average, when gzipped. Automatically scans and embed fonts, plus convert SVG to PNG and other formats, all in a single step in Nano

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Deleting,copying and changing: d: Delete text. (see explanation above) y: Copy text (that is, yank it into a holding area for later use). (see explanation above) c: Change text from one thing to another, which you will type. (see explanation above)! Filter text through a program. Shift a region of text to the left. > Shift a region of text to the right. Single Key Movements: h: Move cursor to. SD.remove(filename) Parameters. filename: the name of the file to remove, which can include directories (delimited by forward-slashes, /) Returns. true if the removal of the file succeeded, false if not. (if the file didn't exist, the return value is unspecified) See also. rmdir() Reference Home. Corrections, suggestions, and new documentation should be posted to the Forum. The text of the. Mar 5, 2015 9:37 AM in response to amyfromcleveland heights In response to amyfromcleveland heights I managed to get rid of the phantom usage. Restoring iPhone and resetting the phone settings/data do not work for me. I had to move the Date on my phone earlier by 1,2,3 months and found the phantom photos in the Recently Deleted Folder. Next, I deleted the photos manually from the Recently.

Text Compare! is an online diff tool that can find the difference between two text documents. Just paste and compare This video shows us how to fix an iPod that is displaying a folder icon and exclamation mark warning and does not function. The first thing you will need is obviously the iPod, typically the 1st Generation to 5th generation iPod. The second thing you will need is your sync cable, and also a wall charger. The first thing you have to do with the iPod is to reset the iPod by holding down the. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete regular files that you can't seem to delete on your computer. Most of the time, files you can't delete are being used by a program or a service; you can start your computer in Safe Mode to prevent the largest possible number of programs and services from running to address this issue. If the file is corrupted or your computer reports that it can't find. Click and drag highlight the text you want to delete and press Delete or If you want a redaction mark to repeat across pages - such as a header or footer in the same place each page - right-click it and select Repeat Mark Across Pages. 6. Click Apply. It's in the secondary toolbar that appears at the top of the screen. 7. Click Ok. This confirms that you want to redact the selected. Step #4: Update your system and remove programs to save space. In this step, we will remove programs we don't need and update our system. First, let's set our Nano to use maximum power capacity: $ sudo nvpmodel -m 0 $ sudo jetson_clocks. The nvpmodel command handles two power options for your Jetson Nano: (1) 5W is mode 1 and (2) 10W is mode 0

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Vega-Lite - a high-level grammar for statistical graphics. Vega-Lite provides a higher-level grammar for visual analysis, comparable to ggplot or Tableau, that generates complete Vega specifications. Vega-Lite specifications consist of simple mappings of variables in a data set to visual encoding channels such as x, y, color, and size. These mappings are then translated into detailed. How to Create and Edit Files and Folders Using SSH. There are various ways you can create a new file using the SSH command line. The easiest and most common way is to use the command assigned for this task - touch. For example, if you would like to create a new file called .htaccess you would need to type the following command: touch .htaccess

Emacs has commands to kill rectangles, yank killed rectangles, clear them out, fill them with blanks or text, or delete them. Rectangle commands are useful with text in multicolumn formats, and for changing text into or out of such formats. To specify a rectangle for a command to work on, set the mark at one corner and point at the opposite corner Nano is a simple and reliable command-line text editor included in Unix and Linux operating systems. It packs with all the essential features in a command-line text editor such as UTF-8 encoding, syntax highlighting, search and replace, support for regular expressions, and more. Nano is best for simple edits and a great editor for beginners To highlight the text to be replaced, click and drag the cursor over the text. You may also cut -paste text from another file (see Attach a file. Remove text . Click the 'Text Edits' button . on the Commenting tool bar. Click and drag over the text to be deleted. Then press the delete button on your keyboard. The text to be deleted will then b

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Text Editors. A system or program that allows a user to edit text. A text editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files. Text editors are provided with operating systems and software development packages, and can be used to change configuration files, documentation files and programming language source code NANO / TETRA Modules; Mark V Infusions; Mark IV Infusions; 6.7k posts [Official] Site Survey Module; By R03L, March 10; WiFi Pineapples Mark I, II, III. Forum for the WiFi Pineapple Mark I, II, III 8.4k posts. Anyone have the latest firmware for Mark III? By Gordito4u, June 18, 2019; Community . Forums and Wiki. If you find a problem/bug with the site, wiki or forums, or have a suggestion for. There are several ways to permanently delete files depending on what kind of device you're using. This tutorial addresses the best ways to remove such files for mobile devices, notebooks and computers using a variety of operating systems.. How do i edit the text (or paragraphs) in text files using PowerShell? Thak You · Hi, That's a pretty broad question, do you have something specific you're trying to accomplish? As one example though, this will create an input file (you could just use one you already have, but this is a fully contained example), read it, replace the word. Nano Text Editor. Nano is a newer and much easier text editor to navigate. Create a new file by entering the command: nano test9.txt. By default, Nano puts you directly into editing mode. It also displays a helpful list of commands at the bottom of the screen. Enter some text, then press Ctrl+O to save the changes. Press Ctrl+X to exit the editor. Note: Learn all you need about Nano in the.

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GNU nano (or nano) is a text editor which aims to introduce a simple interface and intuitive command options to console based text editing.nano supports features including colorized syntax highlighting, DOS/Mac file type conversions, spellchecking and UTF-8 encoding. nano opened with an empty buffer typically occupies under 4 MB of resident memory Remove files interactively. rm -i *.txt. Remove an empty directory. rm -d dir. Remove a directory with its contents. rm -r dir. Remove multiple directories. rm -r dir1 dir 2 dir3. I hope you like this tutorial and learned to delete files and remove directories in Linux command line d, Sketch of a nano-skyrmion structure observed in Fe monolayers on Ir(111) (ref. 12). e , Schematic of a DMI generated by indirect exchange for the triangle composed of two atomic spins and an. Nano Text editor; VIM/VI text editor; Echo command; Cat command; Note: Inside any folder that was created with root rights, to create a file there. we have to use sudo with every command given below. 1. Using Touch command. As we already have seen in the GUI method, how we have created an empty document using the Touch command in the terminal. Thus, in the same way anywhere in any directory. Definition and Usage. The <del> tag defines text that has been deleted from a document. Browsers will usually strike a line through deleted text

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A third way is to delete the alias from the appropriate configuration file using a text editor. For example, in the case of Red Hat, deleting an alias in the bash shell for a user named joe would involve removing the appropriate line in the file /home/joe/.bashrc. Likewise, an alias can be modified by editing the appropriate line in the configuration file clear() Description. Clears the LCD screen and positions the cursor in the upper-left corner. Syntax. lcd.clear() Parameters. lcd: a variable of type LiquidCrystal. Reference Home . Corrections, suggestions, and new documentation should be posted to the Forum. The text of the Arduino reference is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Code samples in the. If you need to delete a range of lines, you can use two text patterns like this: The sed command is an interactive text editor like nano.. That is hardly believable; sed is the abbreviation of Stream EDitor, or editor over a data stream: You instruct it on what you want to be done and get out of its way until it is finished, after the data stream is processed as a whole. This.

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UChicago scientists design 'nanotraps' to catch and clear coronavirus from tissue By Emily Ayshford Apr 27, 2021. Potential COVID-19 treatment pairs nanoparticles with immune system to search and destroy viruses Researchers at the University of Chicago have designed a completely novel potential treatment for COVID-19: nanoparticles that capture SARS-CoV-2 viruses within the body and then. Telegram has added a feature that lets a user delete messages in one-to-one private chats, after the fact, and not only from their own inbox. The new 'nuclear option' delete feature allows a. By Mark Russinovich. Published: November 25, 2020. Download SDelete (518 KB) Introduction. One feature of Windows NT/2000's (Win2K) C2-compliance is that it implements object reuse protection. This means that when an application allocates file space or virtual memory it is unable to view data that was previously stored in the resources Windows NT/2K allocates for it. Windows NT zero-fills.

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May 28, 2021 / Dave Taylor / Facebook Help / No Comments. I'm a big fan of Facebook but I feel like I get endless notifications on my computer about people posting, responding, logging in, even people I might know. If I ever post a comment, I also get notifications about that post forever, which can be really awful What Is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Physicist Richard Feynman, the father of nanotechnology. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such. TWRP 3.5.1 released with new features as team prepares for Android 11 support. TWRP or Team Win Recovery Project is a very familiar name among the Android modders. For the unaware, it's a custom. Text editors that can be used in a command line interface environment. nano - small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico . vim - A full-featured editor with syntax highlighting . emacs - the extensible self-documenting text editor( high learning curve) mc - Midnight Commander provides an internal text editor (mc -e,mcedit) jed - editor for programmers (textmode version) jupp/joe/joe-jupp.

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Yes it is the clipboard where the text is temporarily saved. And a clipboard manager enhances these functions of copy, cut, and paste. Anyways, we can also experiment with this buffer named clipboard. If you repeatedly copy and paste large files or image files, pasting may take time and deliver low performance. So it's sometimes necessary to clear up the clipboard to clear memory Books. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books This vi tutorial is intended for those who wish to master and advance their skills beyond the basic features of the basic editor.It covers buffers, vi command line instructions, interfacing with UNIX commands, and ctags.The vim editor is an enhanced version of vi.The improvements are clearly noticed in the handling of tags. The advantage of learning vi and learning it well is that one will.

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Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. It is included as vi with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X. Vim is rock stable and is continuously being developed to become even better. Among its features are: persistent, multi-level undo tree; extensive plugin system; support for hundreds of programming languages and file. The text-emphasis property is quite different from text-decoration.The text-decoration property does not inherit, and the decoration specified is applied across the whole element. However, text-emphasis does inherit, which means it is possible to change emphasis marks for descendants. The size of the emphasis symbol, like ruby symbols, is about 50% of the size of the font, and text-emphasis. Translator.eu ist ein mehrsprachiger Online Text-Übersetzer, der ihnen Übersetzungen in 42 Sprachen mit sehr gutem Ergebnis anbietet. Er ist in allen europäischen Ländern verbreitet und ist ein nützliches Instrument für viele Nutzer, die ihn stets in der Sprache des jeweiligen Landes nutzen können Every story matters. Let's start writing yours. Writing a novel alone can be difficult, even for seasoned writers. NaNoWriMo helps you track your progress, set milestones, connect with other writers in a vast community, and participate in events that are designed to make sure you finish your novel

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